Stainless Steel Antique Finish Sheets

Antique Finish Stainless Steel Sheet


Antique is the process of forming a metal plating layer by continuously reducing the metal ions on the auto catalytic surface without relying on the external power source in the aqueous solution.

Product Advantage

The use of antique liquid in the stainless steel surface makes the color process, so that the appearance is more aesthetic, but it can also improve the stainless steel surface anti-wearing and corrosion resistance.

Jupiter Group of  companies also supply antique stainless steel sheet fabrication such as bending, welding, handrail and etc.

Antique Finish SS Sheet
SS Antique finish Sheet
stainless steel antique finish sheets
antique finish ss sheet

Product Information

Antique Finish Sheets

Product Stainless Steel Antique Finish Decorative Panel Customization
Length 2438mm/3000mm
Width 1219mm/1500mm
Thickness 0.6 mm to 2.00 mm
Standard AISI
Surface Finish Antique Finish
Thickness Tolerance ±0.01~0.02mm
Material 304/316

Product Application

Antique stainless steel sheets are widely used in wall panels, ceilings, car panels, building decoration, elevator decoration, train interiors, outdoor engineering, cabinet ceilings, screens, tunnel works, lobby interior and exterior walls, kitchen equipment and other industries.