Bead Blast / Sandblasted Sheets

Beador Sand Blasted Sheet

What id Bead Blasted ?

Bead Blasted, named Sand Blasted as well, is a quite popular matte finish products, it’s the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against the stainless steel surface under high pressure to smooth a rough surface to obtain the matte finish. It is a non-directional finish that is uniformly textured and low gloss.

Product Advantage

Jupiter Group supplies Bead Blasted sheets which has finish as an aesthetic appeal and enhances the surface properties of stainless steel.

Bead Blasts Sheets
BeadBlast Stainless Steel Sheets
Bead Blast SS Sheets

Product Information

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Product Application

Bead Blasted stainless steel sheet is widely used in roofing applications, elevator wall panels and COP/LOP part, baseboard, floor, refrigerator, and trim.